special projects
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Special Projects

The strength of Unitrading lies in the customization of each project as the company can follow any type of client request from scratch.

The high specialization in the food sector makes it possible to create the perfect path to follow and the subsequent support Unitrading provides, step by step, from the choice of raw materials to the final positioning on the shelves of the large-scale distribution market.

High specialization in the food sector

A constantly updated network, flexibility, and professionalism are the key ingredients to guide the client during the creation of their customized project.

The extreme attention to market developments means that Unitrading is the best partner for special projects as well as for those in line with current health and wellbeing trends.

Parmador offers quality products

through a selection of foods boasting authentic flavours and processing and conservation techniques carried out like they were in the past.

Unitrading is a partner of Parmador, assisting the company in product selection and in the analysis of producers and their processes. The company works side by side with the client, updating them on the market news and on the best design methods to calibrate quality and competitive price. The result is a brand unique in its kind that conveys the idea of safety and authenticity to consumers thanks to the careful work in choosing each ingredient and the story behind each product.

“I’maltagliati” is a revolutionary project consisting in opening a series of shops where one can sell the surplus production of food companies.

A win-to-win goal: consumers can buy products of the same quality but at a lower price and companies can dispose of the extra products while profiting from them.

“I’maltagliati” is in line with current zero-waste trends and has an eco-sustainable philosophy:

I’maltagliati è in linea con i trend attuali di zero-waste e ha una filosofia ecosostenibile: 

nobody is perfect but it is in imperfections that sometimes beauty is hidden.

Various market studies have shown that the average quality of the salmon found within the large retailers is not high, and this is why we have designed a type of food that can truly shine for both quality and safety.

The result of our research is a type of salmon that never existed on the market before: a fish without antibiotics, without dyes, without GMOs, and without chemical additives. An excellent product suitable for a controlled and healthy diet. The product has been carefully studied in detail: these salmons, in fact, have a balanced diet and grow in a natural breeding ground (97.5% water, 2.5% fish). Taste is no exception: smoking is carried out naturally, with wood and not by injection, and marination is with salt and not with brine. The result?

Exceptional salmon, perfectly in line with current and future market trends.

The creation of a new product, not yet existing on the market, follows a complex path: it is necessary to study trends, understand how to enhance the organoleptic characteristics of the product in question, analyse competitors, and make one’s proposal unique and intriguing to the final consumer. The result of our research has given light to

an innovative type of veal which can easily enter the large-scale distribution market.

We started by selecting the best piece of meat and then followed step by step all the working phases in order to obtain the best product in terms of flavour and quality. The result is a cooked veal ready to be sliced, a simple food suitable for those who do not want to give up taste while taking care of one’s health, a product suitable for everyone’s diet, including children and elderly people.