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When safety comes first

Safety is our North Star, the starting and finishing point of our work.

Our duty is to protect the health of the consumer. In this, we put particular attention to the issues of food security and food safety and we guarantee that the product, process, and supply specifications have no hygiene and health risks for final consumer.

We care about respecting people, the environment, and animals, the monitoring of seeds, feed, and methodologies.

Our path, together

Unitrading’s Workflow
Product specifications

› Product evaluated in terms of quality, price, and service.
› Correspondence to all food safety requirements, from a product, organoleptic, and nutritional point of view.
› Respect and protection of the product and its nutritional characteristics during all stages of the process.

Control specifications of the production phases

› Each phase of the production process is monitored, and safe from the health & hygiene point of view.
› The production processes are constantly monitored to ensure maximum compliance with hygiene and safety standards.

Supply specifications

› The supplier is then regularly monitored with a verification and monitoring program to assess its reliability over time
› The Unitrading monitoring, selection, and qualification activities satisfy the principle of food safety throughout the supply chain “from the field to the table” and allow the identification of products of the best quality

The certainty of a path in total safety


Unitrading regularly monitors and verifies all the players in the supply chain and manages the traceability of the products sold. The selected producers are always certified and strongly oriented towards continuous improvement, safety, and quality.

The certification makes companies more competitive in both domestic and foreign markets

thanks to their internal organization system and to the excellent design and enhancement capabilities when it comes to the final product.