Our History
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Not all looks are created equal; some see beyond the distance.

For over 50 years Unitrading has been advising food distribution and industry groups.


Thanks to a qualified team, we offer a service that provides complete control of the entire production chain, from the choice of raw materials to the finished product.

The main objective is to accompany the customer towards the best solution in the shortest time possible in order to get their business off the ground.

Our work focuses on large-scale distribution, SMEs, and the food industry to guarantee quality services and competitive advantages.

Our keywords? Trust, transparency, and empathy which create a lasting partnership over time.

The love of food and all things “made well”

The love of food and all things “made well”
We were born in the shadow of the Food Valley, where food is a serious matter, where it is culture, work, sharing.

Here, where life is “good” and flavours are hidden in every corner: in family traditions, in the crumpled recipes of grandmothers, in crafts from the past, in the exaltation of food and its processing.

Unitrading blends great professionalism with the greatest love for food, and the result is a unique food design company where each project is the beginning of an extraordinary story.

I have dedicated my life to developing UNITRADING, cultivating corporate and human values which, today, are part of our DNA.


 Together with my staff I have gained knowledge and experience, two values that have guided us towards leadership in the sector when it comes to Italy. Today we can guide you in all phases of the food supply chain. I say it with pride, transparency, and a touch of arrogance: UNITRADING is a partner you can count on!


Going the distance. Food expertise, vision.

The Unitrading approach.

Our work requires great managerial, production, and commercial knowledge.

To our professional service, however, we add a secret ingredient: Ourselves.


who are not afraid to put ourselves out there.


a cohesive group of expert staff who meet every day to find the best solutions.


who with our personal knowledge and our history guarantee reliable collaborators and excellent partners.


who for over 50 years have met the needs of our customer with professionalism and efficiency.

Let’s become a team


Our mission is not to follow the customer but rather

to accompany him step by step during each part of the project

from market analysis to production, from quality control to food safety, from trend analysis to final sales.

We therefore become a team with a common goal:

the growth and satisfaction of both parties.

The fine line between consultant and partner.

Code of Ethics.

Point of Reference

Thanks to the experience gained over the years, we have become the reference point for modern distribution, with the possibility of accessing the sales channels.

We are your guarantors

We become our customers guarantors by offering an independent, complete, and punctual service ensuring great time-saving.

The importance of a story

We understand consumers’ desires and subsequently educate our clients on the importance of a story. Each and every product hides one as well as traditions, workmanship, and small secrets that make it extraordinary.

Only what we believe in

We firmly believe in the projects we choose to carry out, and become consultants to our clients to help them in assessing risks.

Food strategy

We are often involved in the development of food projects for both the Italian and the foreign market. Moreover, we liaise with the highest corporate levels to address critical issues and opportunities to define the objectives that then become the basis on which to develop strategy and operations. This type of collaboration involves the client’s continuous involvement during all phases of the process.

We sow the culture of good products

Putting our knowledge of the food sector at the service of those who are determinedly facing the difficulties of life: this is the commitment we have made towards the Community of San Patrignano.

Unitrading supports San Patrignano in the sale and distribution of wine, oil, cheese, meat, cured meats, and honey, all artisan products resulting from a journey that these young people take in search of themselves and a new relationship with society.

We are proud to be part of this project, a shared journey born out of love for one’s neighbour and for all that is good.