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Cured Meats

Our network includes most of the Italian ham and cured meat factories, allowing us to become true guarantors of the excellence of the products chosen.

We are constantly up-to-date with market trend to ensure the right price and quantity based on demand.

We grew up among the ham factories of the Food Valley

We start from the client’s request to create new types of product. We select fresh meat, follow the recipe and each step of the work to reach the required organoleptic characteristics, the desired flavour, and the appropriate price.

We thus become “creators” as well as guarantors of the product requested by the client.

The main advantage for the client is to be able to see their product made without fixed industrial costs.

The “Melograno” high-quality ham comes from a careful market analysis and trend study 

we offer a product suitable for market entry

The company guided the client in choosing the raw material and its processing to obtain an excellent result. “Melograno” is a high-quality ham, featuring gently-processed and steamed meat. Among its main features is the absence of GMOs, gluten, milk proteins, and lactose.