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Unitrading specializes in consulting for both fresh and frozen pork. We have numerous partnerships with the main slaughterhouses to obtain the best collaborations.

Cuts of meat and slaughtering have no secrets for us.

Our network ensures customers the opportunity to acquire high-quality products at competitive prices.

We offer constant assistance, monitoring the market and the trends related to the raw material in order to ensure constant updates to the client.

Such consultancy service aims to ensure safety and professionalism during all stages of the process in order to be able to seize the best opportunities on the market.

Suino65 is a project that was created to improve the art of pig breeding by guaranteeing the highest quality from every point of view.

The support of Unitrading has made the project successful, giving it excellent ratings

thanks to the careful work that was carried out in every phase. Indeed, Suino65 includes natural breeding, respecting ethics and animal welfare in order to guarantee superior meat quality to both producers and consumers. Animals grow with natural and cereal-based foods with low Linoleic Acid content.

Moreover, the product’s supply chain is traced and both the breeders and the food used for production comply with strict regulations imposed by the Specification Document.