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Pasta & co

Unitrading is the best partner for the development of new products in various constantly-evolving markets such as pasta, baked goods, and deli meals.

The experience and knowledge gained over the years have allowed us to identify every market niche and every facet of it in order to succeed in our main goal: to offer products that stand out for their taste, quality, and creativity.

A shared pathway to excellence

The pasta sector has always been a combination of tradition and innovation. For this reason, we are tied to the past, the regional formats, and the awareness when it comes to raw materials, without losing sight of what the market trends are, from organic to low-carb products.

The world of baked goods is, in its “simplicity”, extremely varied and multifaceted, which is why you need to know it thoroughly so that you can offer products in line with current and future trends, capable of standing out.

The deli sector boasts a huge variety of products, from the simplest to the most complex. Indeed, it is a sector in constant evolution and growth.

The continuous updating of trends really manages to change the consumer’s purchasing choices in a short time; for this reason, one must always be ready to suggest innovations that are in line with the current times.

The synergistic collaboration that forms with the customer in the creation of a product from scratch is unique. An example? With Unitrading it is possible to design an entire line of fresh pasta filled with super-food: we have a list of producers for every ingredient, from wheat to the filling, always choosing the highest possible quality and an excellent quality/price ratio.

We support our clients in every phase of the process, helping them both in the production and marketing phases

such as consultancy on packaging materials and graphics to reach a result in line with present and future market trends.